Legislative Accomplishments
My Bills

Passed - With bipartisan support, legislation that rolled back unneeded and expensive medical regulations, making MRI and ultrasound medical procedures more available and more affordable (2017 - HB334).

Passed - Co-Authored a bipartisan amendment to HB1571, which creates a drug and alcohol treatment program for our 30,000 registered nurses - AT NO COST TO THE TAXPAYER (2018-HB1571).

Passed - With Bipartisan support, a bill lowering high interest rates being charged to NH Homeowners on late property tax payments from 12% to 8%, a 33% decease (2018-HB1673).


When I asked my neighbors to elect me and represent their interests, I had no intention of trying to get bills passed.  I am still of the opinion that too many laws are worse than too few and I am very leary of trying to use the power of law fix the all world's problems, you often make things worse instead of better.  That being said, I ended up getting three laws passed in my first term (highly unusual for a freshman).  People came to me with problems, and after the appropriate research and consideration, I concluded that these were appropriate situations for the government to step in.  I went up to Concord to say "no", but I found out I have a talent for getting people on both sides of the aisle to say "yes".