I have included a link to a 10-minute video explaining the various forms of government.  This is the best and most concise civics lesson I ever received and I strongly encourage you to watch it:

The American-Form-of-Government

The following is a link to an article discussing Individualism vs. Collectivism.  The battle for America's heart and soul revolves around this issue.  Those who wish to fundamentally tranform us are Collectivists, who wish to undo our Constitutional Rights, Institutions, and our morality by instituting a group-think that will decide what is right and wrong based on the expediency of the moment.  The trouble is that Conservatives don't look to government for answers and do not gravitate toward it, while Collectivists do. We need the people who are the least attracted to government and its power to be the ones running the government.  With your help, I will do my part to keep us free to run our own lives.

Individualism vs. Collectivism: Our Future, Our Choice

Below is a Youtube link to my interview on the Nashua Local Access TV program entitled the People's View.  The audio is missing from the program's intro section, but it is present for the interview, which begins 44 seconds into the recording: